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Dear Friend,

If you want to know how to inspire your fellow patriots, AND drink the salty tears of your enemies, then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

There is an amazing new Book called, “Weaponized Memetics.” It covers nearly everything you need to know about getting up and started with your own Memetic MOAB… and can be done in HOURS!

Imagine being able to rapidly deploy spicy AF political messages EVEN IF your side is being censored!

Wouldn’t it be great to finally take control of the Narrative, and finally deal the DEATH BLOW to the Legacy Mind Control Mainstream Fake News Media Complex?

In Just A Few Days From Now You Could Have Your Own Meme-Cannon! YOU Can Set The Narrative.
Making Memes Is WAY Easier With A Meme Funnel System
Getting People's Attention Is Easier With A Memetic Funnel!
In Just A Few Days From Now You Could Have Your Own Meme-Cannon!
Now, I didn’t start out as a meme expert.

I made my first meme, and well… let’s just say it got mixed responses..

Some days I would be getting vicious, effective, & cold-hearted memes in front of people all over the internet, while the next day… nothing seemed to get any attention.

Man, it was frustrating… BIG time!

I mean, I had NO consistency at all. Half the time, I’d be sitting uploading stale memes repeatedly like a moron… while my buddies and their girlfriends were standing around waiting for something good, and be very unimpressed.

Of course, my buddies would try to be helpful and throw in their $0.02 on what I should do. You know what I’m talking about. “You’re gotta use this type of meme… you’ve gotta use this social media site… you’ve gotta say it like this dude…”

Yeah right!

Meanwhile, they were making some ridiculously effective memes and launching them with the explosive velocity of a Trump tweet.

I Might as well have stayed home and played video games or watched sports… Anything to keep from being humiliated at the next big meme opportunity!

After awhile, my “buds” stopped sending me over the latest memes, and stopped trying to hangout. Of course they never told me to my face… I’d just hear it through the grapevine through friends or something.

But, thankfully, I’m not a quitter!

And that’s how I ran into expert meme maker Nate (I call him Kiwi). And my meme crafting ability instantly changed forever.

You see, Nate is a genius when it comes to making memes (he started professional marketing when he was 18). I met Nate in 2016 when I looking to up my business knowledge.

In fact, it was Nate who approached me when I was complaining about my crappy experience with memes. He then took me aside and told me stuff you wouldn’t believe!

In a few short weeks after listening to Nate’s advice:
  •  I started launching meme campaigns with so much raw power that my shit went viral almost overnight!
  •  I had 100,000 confirmed clicks on my meme, more than I’ve ever had on one single post before! (And you should have seen the reactions from my buddies when I started putting their lame memes to shame!)
  •  I saw a 110% reduction in the amount of time it took to make and get a meme out into the world (whereas I used to spend hours trying to make it look ‘perfect’ and then desperately trying to share it everywhere. Sad!)
And it just got better and better! My buds started inviting me back to the inner circle. I mean, I became absolutely fearless on the web. Everybody watch in awe as I launched meme after meme until Kingdom Come.

You see, everyone thought I had some special voodoo power that enabled me to make these memes go viral with flawless precision.

I wanted to take what I learned from Nate and turn it into a product that could help others who were in the same situation as me.
And it’s not like any other book or video you’ve ever watched on making memes…

Simple, every section of the book is there because “you asked for it.” Well, not “you” really. But from real live questions.

Questions from people who love making memes and wanted to know more. A simple webpage we setup, and people like you visited it and left me their most pressing questions on how to make memes.

Then I answered them!

Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know!

Here are some of the critical things you MUST know (and you’ll learn in this ebook) if you want to create the best memes, give them high impact, and in the shortest time possible:
  •  The BEST method to use when delivering memes to people to achieve jaw-dropping viral and non-stop memes. (Nate has tested all this stuff out...and this is HANDS DOWN the best one to use!)
  •  The absolutely WORST method you could use (Man, I see people use this type of method all the time and absolutely laugh when they're spending most of their Friday night wasting their time on stale memes!)
  •  The one PROVEN type of meme you MUST use when building your messaging (You DON'T want to screw this up...use the wrong meme and this whole thing will blow up in your face!)
  •  How to figure out the right messaging for your meme campaign (This is CRITICAL...id you screw this up, your meme will be a total dud.)
  •  The right type (and amount) of positive to negative messaging ratio in your memes...and the CORRECT method for keeping the words and images together into a cohesive meme.
  •  The BEST trick to use if you want to create a polarizing message which gets immediate buy-in from the top 3% of your audience.
  •  The in's and out's of jerry-rigging the the memes to laser target your ideal demographic, so you can hit the same type of people, meme after meme, like clockwork!
  •  Important tips you must remember when you go around making memes (including how to mobilize people to actually go and vote on election day, volunteer for flash-mobs, and safety stuff you MUST be aware of to help protect and keep your ass hidden when acting online!).
So, What's The Ability To Launch Memes With Effortless Precision Worth To You?
What's A Resource Like This Worth?
To have someone do all of this research for you would normally cost you around $500 (I should know, that's what it cost me!). Particularly laser-guided accurate information like this - SPECIFICALLY for making memes and launching them through the internet! This isn't some boiler-plate collection of answers.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English, which means it's dead-easy to read and understand. And it's logically laid out.

There are other resources out there retailing for $100.

Which is why "How To Make Memes To Get People To Vote" is such a bargain at just $27!

That's right, a fraction of what it's really worth and what it cost me to research. Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low.

So I figure I'll be able to offer this fantastic resource of information to more people, and hopefully make my investment back over time.

$27 is a drop in the bucket compared to what you could spend in Red Bulls to stay up alone if you try to make those memes without knowing the CORRECT methods you need.
I'm Going To Take On All The Risk
And Give You My "10X Guarantee"!
If "Weaponized Memetics" doesn't show you EXACTLY how to create your own Wickedly Effective Memes...
If it doesn't take you by the hand, and answer all your questions about what it takes to build your Meme Machine, High-Tech Red Pill Cannon...

Or if it fails to show you EXACTLY how to create a messaging and normie destroying system that runs on autopilot...

Basically if you don't feel that you received 10 TIMES the value you paid...
Then you will receive a FULL REFUND.

No Questions Asked!

Keep the book and we can remain friends.
But you must act now because...
  •  You get to PEEK INSIDE profitable Meme Funnels working for me everyday.
  •  It's all laid out in an easy to read eBook which outlines EVERYTHING.
  •  You will "get" how quick and easy it is to get started with your own Meme Funnel.
Just Imagine What Life Will Be Like When You Know
How To Build A Normie Trigger Meme Funnel!
So enter your information to get access RIGHT NOW!

After you put in your credit card information, you'll be taken to a SECURE "Members Area" where you can access "Weaponized Memetics", even if it's 2:00 a.m.!
This Is What's Going To Happen Next:
You will be taken to the secure Members Area where you can download the book IMMEDIATELY.

Let's be blunt:

If you pass on this offer, will you succeed with your meme factory?
Probably not!

You'll just keep drowning in a sea of information overload... spending the next 3 months reading random blog posts and watching YouTube videos
And then trying to "Frankenstein" a bunch of incomplete methods together into something you HOPE will work for you.

But you will NEVER "decode" how a successful Meme Funnel works and why the Top Meme Makers use them to their advantage.


You can spend LESS than what it would cost to have a cup of coffee everyday for a month to have it professionally explained to you. Plus, you also get:
Instruction And Encouragement From Someone Who Has Successfully "Been There And Done That!"
Get this Book NOW and get the Memetic success you want!

So as a reminder, here's what you're going to get with "Weaponized Memetics":

     • 74 page eBook in PDF format jammed packed with valuable, meme-making strategies and real-life examples based on actual working Meme Funnels.

Never before have you had such a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to have me take you by the hand and help build YOUR Red Pill-Making Meme Funnel!

This is an introductory price of $27...

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After Finally "Cracking The Meme Code"...
You will able to:

- Structure automated systems to CONVERT normal people into FANS... just by helping them get mental Memetic clarity.

- Force normies to prove and screen  themselves BEFORE they can interact with you or take up YOUR time.

- Set it up to run "hands-off" after the framework is firmly in place.

And that's why I created:

                        "Weaponized Memetics"
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